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Guides for Buying POS System in Malaysia.

The POS is a very important system used to verify the price of items. Different businesses have different POS systems attached to the computer to count the price, quantity, and code of each and every item.

There are several POS systems in the market and you have to do your homework in order to choose the most efficient and effective ones. POS system from IRC can be a reliable system as it encodes each item properly. There are some POS systems that cannot verify the information properly.

Such POS systems have become a major problem for most businesses and harm the business instead of helping them. This POS system is standard with a cash drawer, barcode scanner, credit card reader and receipt printer.

The manufacturers of this POS system configure these depending on the nature of your business and all your scanning and encoding needs. Every business should have a POS system as it is very important to every business out there. One of the best POS systems is the POS system in Malaysia which has everything in (5)

It has a cash drawer, POS software, Thermal printer, Recon CPU, Barcode scanner, Mouse, Monitor, Keyboard, back-up touch screen monitor backup USB Flash Drive with cloud access. Some POS systems have complete equipment but how do you ensure that this is the best POS system in Malaysia?

1. Supplies-If your business relies on the POS system and needs a lot of the POS system, you have to ensure that the business does not run out of this POS system. It has a lot of supplies in case the system runs out or you need to put up another POS system.

2. Good quality- There is no need of having a complete bundle with poor quality as it will not help your business in any way. Ensure that all the products in the bundle are of good quality and are effective and efficient in showing the right code, price, and item. You can cope up with even the most complex system you have in your business like the POS system.
download (6)3. Based on the need- Ensure that you get the kind of POS system that you can set up on your own. It should be easy to operate and come with easy to understand instructions. Doing this will help you avoid spending more hiring somebody to come and set the system for you.

Before you buy the POS system, it is wise to ask if there are other benefits you can get if you buy a lot of POS systems. Some of the benefits may include having free maintenance and installation of the POS system.

The kind of POS system can determine the number of customers or clients to your business. The system should be reliable and durable. Otherwise, you will lose sales and trust from your customers. Do you want to buy the right type of POS system that will help your business?

Do not hesitate just visit for more information on how you can buy the best POS system. The website will guide you on how you can buy the best system and help your business grow and make your business operate effectively.

Bitcoin in Malaysia – What You Need to Know

Bitcoin is seen as the future way of how people will be handling money. Soon, paper money will be gone as they say, but as of now it is still here to stay. However, many people these days, even businessmen and aspiring entrepreneurs are already harvesting for bitcoin.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be used anywhere and you don’t need to make “withdrawals” since it is a digital currency. It is a decentralized currency, which works differently from the currencies that each nation manages. Decentralized means that it is not regulated or issued by any governing bodies. For RM in Malaysia, it is issued and regulated by the Malaysian government. Since it is not bound or regulated by any country, you can use bitcoin anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. It is referred to as an internet currency after all.

Is it legal?

The thought that you can’t touch bitcoin scares most people. You can’t blame others for their fear of something they don’t understand, especially when they are used to touching actual money. But when it comes to the legal side of bitcoin, it has gone through a lot of debate. This means to say that not all countries sees it as an alternative to money, and they are still considering whether or not they are going to accept it as it is. In Malaysia, it is not considered as money. So when you are cheated of your harvested bitcoins in the country, you can’t get any help from the police and they will just dismiss it as another scam issue. In other countries, they want to ban the use of bitcoin. Some simply made active discouragements, but are not banning it entirely. For example, in Venezuela, they have released a propaganda about the bad side of bitcoin. You might want to dig in further about the legality of using bitcoin according to the country. images-13

Some of the progressive countries like Japan wholly accept and recognize the use of bitcoin. Zug, a city in Switzerland, allows the local citizens to pay for their government services using bitcoin.

Bitcoin – is it halal?

If you understand the risks involved in using bitcoin, then yes.

Uses of bitcoin in Malaysia

  • The most popular use of bitcoin is putting it in as an investment.
  •  Pay for products and services. Keep in mind that not all places in Malaysia accepts bitcoin, so it is your responsibility to do a research on which places accept bitcoins
  •  It is a way to send money such as international money transfer, which is done via the internet
  •  Some individuals use bitcoins to donate. There is one example for online payment systems such as PayPal and Visa that refuse to send money to Wikileaks for donations, so bitcoin is used instead.


You can acquire bitcoins in Malaysia in one of two ways: mining and buying. Many bitcoin experts in Malaysia advise against mining unless you are ready to equip yourself with all the expensive equipment needed to start it off. Also, it is difficult to compete against the Chinese miners. The experts in Malaysia say it is best to mine or buy bitcoins only as a hobby.